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Puff pastry, filo dough and spring roll wrappers all have their place, but more and more chefs have found a substitution for all three in a traditional dough called "feuille de brick" or brick dough.
The feuille de brick is hard to make , but it is" very easy to use" according to most chefs, caterers and people that have used it.
Most chefs that use the dough buy it ready made, just like puff pastry, filo and strudel dough. However unlike those other doughs, feuille de brick is already half-cooked, and chefs should keep that in mind when they are using it.
When fried or baked , the feuille de brick produces an incredible crisp crust.

All the chefs that uses the Feuille de Brick , have nothing but great things to say about how easy it is to use, it keeps all the flavors together, it has great presentation, it stays intact and actually is better than filo dough, which is thinner and less elastic.
The Feuille de Brick also stores better, and if you ask some some of our customers, they will tell you, it is always somewhere, if it is not on the menu, it is in the freeezer.
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